Sep 9, 2021

If the organisers of Jumping Mechelen get their way, we will be able to enjoy another exhilarating equestrian event in 2021 between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Back on the programme are the loose jumping final (for 2-year-old horses) and the auction (for 2- and 3-year-old horses). The selections start October 9th.

Loose jumping

Anyone who would like to watch their 2-year-old jumping talent shine at Jumping Mechelen can participate in 6 selection rounds. The best 25% of every round automatically claim their spot in the semi-finals. These will take place on the 5th of December 2021 at Azelhof in Lier.

Online and real-life auction

Following 15 years of absence, the auction returned to Jumping Mechelen in 2019. It was a great success, as was apparent from the enormous interest shown by (international) buyers. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the second edition of the event had to take place online. However, it soon became clear that owners and buyers were not held back by this, on the contrary. That is why the 2021 edition of the auction will take place both online and in real life. This means that buyers will be able to place their bids live, at Jumping Mechelen, as well as online, through our website

The auction will take place at the New Year’s Arena following the finals of the loose jumping competition. The selection will consist of both 2- and 3-year-old horses that will be scouted at the selection events for the loose jumping competition (see below). It is also possible to register promising young horses via e-mail at Don’t forget to include a copy of the passport and a video.

Calendar loose jumping 2-year-olds Jumping Mechelen

09/10/2021 Vleteren

23/10/2021 Lubbeek

30/10/2021 Rijmenam

06/11/2021 Moeskroen

11/11/2021 Ternat

11/11/2021 Geel

21/11/2021 Heusden 

05/12/2021 Semi-Finals Lier

29/12 Final & Auction Mechelen

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