Dec 6, 2019

On Friday the 27th of December, the arena will be filled with young jumping horses for our loose jumping competition. After 15 years, this competition will for the first time be followed by a prestegious auction. Their was a lot of interest for it, which shows in the baffling number of 212 selected participants for the semi-final at the Azelhof.  

During the preselections, the best 30% of eacht qualifier were selected for the semi-final, which will take place this weekend on the 8th of December at the Azelhof in Lier. If once again, the competing horses are able to leave their competitors behind, they will not only be able to compete in the finals at Jumping Mechelen, but they are also eligible to take part in the auction. 

You can find the starting list of the semi-finals through this link.

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