Dec 23, 2021

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40 winning lots to choose from
This year, Auction Mechelen is shifting up a few gears to give the equestrian end of the year some extra sparkle. From December 26th no less than 40 2- and 3-year-old horses will be auctioned. Niels Bruynseels: "That is more than twice as much as last year. Moreover, there is a mysterious "Special Edition Number 40" waiting for a very lucky buyer."
40 2- and 3-year olds
After only two editions, Auction Mechelen has established itself in the international auction landscape. This became very clear as soon as the selections opened. The number of candidates skyrocketed once again this year.  
Niels Bruynseels: "We were not only amazed by the number of applicants, but also by the quality of the horses on offer. Even on our very last selection day there were still 50 interesting 2 and 3-year-olds left. We did not want to send many good horses home. So we decided, in the context of 40 years of Jumping Mechelen, to go all the way and select 40 horses. That way we can make not only 40 sellers happy but also 40 new horse owners."
From promising show jumping talents to reliable amateur horses
For the third year in a row, the selection committee has been looking for a varied selection that Auction Mechelen can personally vouch for. The collection has something in store for everyone:
  • the potential breeding stallion
  • the perfect amateur or junior horse, with the right balance and power to set any ambitious rider on the right track
  • the beautiful light-footed mare who will delight her rider or bring her owner to the start of his own pedigree line
  • the future Grand Prix horse that will one day shine in the World Cup at Jumping Mechelen
  • ...
Niels: "With 40 horses on offer we understand that it can be quite a challenge to judge which horses belongs in which category. But we are more happy to provide more information via telephone. We have seen these young talents at work so often that we can tell you everything about them."
Special Edition Number 40
And what about the mysterious "Special Edition Number 40"? Niels: "Let's just say that this special surprise would look really nice under a Christmas tree. That's all I'm going to say for now. If you want to know what we have in store, keep an eye on our social media and website on the afternoon of December 26."
Program Auction Mechelen 2021 
Please note: for all horses, the bids will be opened on Boxing Day. But for 20 of them we close the auction on December 28 and for the other half we close on December 29. 
  • 26/12
    • Start Online Auction Mechelen
    • Premiere videos 3-year-olds under the saddle 
    • Unveiling of our "Special Edition Number 40”
    • Announcement allocation collection over 2 closing days  
  • 28/12: End auction first group: 20 horses
  • 29/12: End auction second group: 19 horses & "Special Edition Number 40"
Practical information
Auction Mechelen 2021 takes place entirely online. Want to join the bidding or watch from the front row? 
  • Register your details, and we’ll keep you posted with news of the auction and the horses you’re interested in.
  • View our selection: Extensive information, plentiful photographs and clear videos of all horses are available.
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are happy to answer all your questions about the auction and the 40 champions on sale.
Bidding opens on 26 December at 8am sharp and closes on 29 December. Depending on the horse you are interested in, you have 2 or 3 days to place your bids.  Any time a last-minute bid comes in, the auction is extended with five minutes to give all parties a chance to submit their final bids.

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